Sunday, September 9, 2012

Naive Little (Girl) Elyen

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-I'm stuck on chapter eight again.

I really, really dislike writing the conflict part. I hate making the characters fight, I hate making the heroine cry, I hate making the hero look like a jerk. I don't want them to argue, I don't want them to be apart. But they have to, otherwise, their story will be sent back at me right away.

I'm currently very attached to the story I'm writing. I finished all the "kilig scenes" in just two days, but I can't bring myself to write the conflict part and I've been wasting time for five days now.

I'm such a naive little elyen. I only look at the bright side of this world when in reality, our world is a shit wrapped in sweets and ribbons. That's the thing I can't seem to remind myself. I believe everyone is kind, I believe in true love, I believe in fairies. I refuse to face reality.


Er, I'm sleepy.

-The Elyen Girl Spacing Out Again

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