Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Posted by 23caris at 5:02 PM
I can't breathe. Maybe I'm not really destined to meet people's (mostly strangers!) expectations. I really wanted to do what they tell me to, to change my beliefs, and to even forget who I am so they would somehow find me valuable.

I've been quietly following what they dictate me, because that way, the problem will be solved easier. But like what I told my friend, I'm not happy. I even jokingly said to her that I'm probably in the "rebellious" stage. LOL! Me, a rebel? My friends would probably laugh at me. I'm not saying I'm a nice person, but I've always been a goody-two shoes.

But now... well, I wanna break-free. I want to become the person I wanted to be, not what they wanted to see in me. I know the road is tough, but this is me. *plays Demi Lovato's Camp Rock song*

This is what FINALS do to students! Curse you, finals!


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