Sunday, June 3, 2012


Posted by 23caris at 8:19 AM
-i don't know why i entitled this as 'Blackhole.'

lately, this negative and ugly emotion started to swallow me. and it was just so selfish of me to feel that way. i mean, i've been receiving a lot of blessings, so why do i ask for more? yup, i'm really being selfish here.

envy. there, i named it. -_-"

i should really stop looking at other people's achievements and start working to be on the same level as them instead. but it's really hard. whether we admit or not, there comes a time when you'll feel lowly of yourself. i feel so insecure at the moment.

the problem is, whenever i feel down, i lose the 'drive' to write. a huge part of me is urging me to just 'run away.'

selfish. envious. ugly.

-Luna King


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