Friday, August 17, 2012


Posted by 23caris at 10:59 AM
-Gah! I'm so lazy, so sleepy I can't help but think I'm under some spell - a spell that turned me into a sloth!

Waaaah! What the heck is happening to me? Tulog ako maghapon, but when it's time to write, inaantok na naman ako! Katulad ngayon. Mula 5-11:30 PM, tulog ako, at dapat nagsusulat na ko. But dang, I'm sleepy again! Ah, I must have drunk a love potion - I fell in love with my bed!

Nooooo! I still have 4 books to finish, I need to revise three more manuscripts and I need to finish this goddamn novel I'm working on. Damn you, laziness! Damn you, sleepiness! Go away and leave me alone! Give back the old me who can finish a manuscript every weeeeeek! I need that fucking drive to write!

I don't need a fucking prince to free from this curse. What I need is kasipagan! See? I'm too lazy to think what's 'kasipagan' is in English.

I want to sleep. No, I'm sleeping. Good night!

-Lazy Me


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