Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm Happy! ^^

Posted by 23caris at 10:19 AM
-Yes, the title is so laaaame. But that's how I really feel at the moment. Cloud nine, dude. Cloud nine.

I wanted to scream in joy, I wanted to let everyone know why I'm happy. But the overwhelming feeling inside my chest renders me speechless. Er, not really speechless. I feel so calm all I wanted to do is to smile, smile and smile. The world suddenly shines brighter. Once again, I'm thankful to Him.

My newly approved manuscript was the closest novel in my heart yet. No, that wasn't my love story. I must have fallen in love with the characters, and in the story itself. The plot had been running inside my head for months before I finally had the chance to gather my thoughts and write it weeks ago.

While I was writing the story, I was imagining myself as an old weaver carefully knitting a beautiful and expensive silk. I did it with so much love and care. I don't know why I love that story. I just do.

Maybe because I think the scenes and the plot itself was way too impossible to happen in real life. Maybe because my hero was way too ideal to exist in the real world. Maybe because I really have a soft spot for underdogs and second best characters.

Ah. It didn't really matter. I just felt so thankful the story was approved.

Ganito pala ang feeling kapag nasulat mo ang istoryang minahal mo ng husto. Nakakataba ng puso. Ang saya. Ito `yong feeling na gusto kong maramdaman kaya ako nagsusulat. Na pagkatapos ng lahat ng luhang iiiyak mo sa isang nobela, maiisip mong hindi mapapantayan niyon ang kaligayahan at kapanatagang maibibigay ng isang magandang istoryang pinaghirapan mong isulat.

Ahehe. Bakit ba? Para sa'kin maganda `yon, eh. Haha! Pero kung hindi niyo magustuhan, ahm, okay lang. :)

-Luna King


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