Sunday, September 8, 2013

So Freakin' Happy!

Posted by 23caris at 2:42 AM
The girls I really, really admire in class just gave me their permission to use their names in the series I am cooking up! And I'm too happy to care if my grammar is correct or not! Haha! We, in class, dub these girls as the "F4" female version simply because they are cool, smart and beautiful! Each of them has a unique personality that got me drawn into them. I can't wait to finish writing their stories.

The downside is, I'm too excited I don't know if I can make their story interesting the way I am imagining it in my head. I wanted to do something sexy, but NO. These girls are freakin' angels! So I will go for feel-good with the right amount of depth for each book.

They don't read pocketbooks, but I hope I don't disappoint them!

Yosh! Let's do this!

--- Luna The Fangirl


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