Wednesday, August 14, 2013

And She Really Did It

Posted by 23caris at 2:14 PM

After (over) a long-week negotiation, she still submitted it yesterday. Er, it was awkward. If our instructor happened to read our works, he would surely realize that she and I had almost the same article. Damn! Ni hindi man lang natinag sa pagpaparinig ko. -___-

Three persons were assigned to interview one varsity team and make an article about it. The three of us discussed our "topics" so we could avoid having the same "voice". But my huge mistake was... I sent them a copy of my article so they would know what not to write on their works. Ang nakaka-shock na balita, when I read hers (one of the remaining two in my team, of course) it was... *sigh* I asked her to change her "topic", "view", "voice" but she didn't listen. Oh, well, papel.

Respect, dude. Respect. Not because I'm a "saling-cat" in our class you can already do this to me.

By the way, I didn't rewrite mine because... well, I didn't want her to "win:" but it seems that I lost the battle instead.


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