Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Romance Writer, Yet Cynical When It Comes To Happy Endings

Posted by 23caris at 8:55 PM
-I really don't believe in fairy tales and happy endings. I'd rather believe that phoenix and dragons exist. And because I'm cynical when it comes to "lifetime" relationships, I write about them, since I want to make myself believe that true love really do exist.

My parents fight a lot, yell and throw hurtful words at each other and... they really don't love each other. They aren't an ideal couple, like those couples I write in my novels. I really hate it whenever they fight. I would cover my ears, and try so fucking hard to think about the scenes of my manuscripts. That's my escape to reality.

That's probably the reason why I write. I'm afraid to end up with a man like my father.

-The Cynical Daughter


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