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Indifferent Like A Cool Bad-ass Anime/Manga Character!

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Kyoya Hibari...
Kaede Rukawa...
Natsume Hyuuga...
Storm Apostol ...

Haha. Wala lang. I just realized I'm attracted to indifferent/cold anime characters. I like them because they are aloof, and they can detach themselves from the rest of the world.

Just like my younger brother. I hate it when our parents compare us. He's younger than I am, but he's smarter. He learns things fast, and he's really smart. He even answered my workbook in College Algebra before, and he was just a high school student then. He can do anything easily. He doesn't study, he doesn't write notes, he doesn't do projects, heck, he's always absent! Yet, he gets good grades. Simply because he gets high scores in final exams. It's unfair since I need to work my ass-off just to maintain my grades.

My brother and I are not that close. We always argue, and we don't talk to each other much. He gets annoyed at me whenever I cry over an anime character dying etc. I get pissed off whenever he outdo me. But he's more matured than I am. Siya ang mas bata pero ako ang parati niyang pinapautang, na hindi ko naman binabayaran. Haha. I steal his food, magagalit siya sa una pero hindi naman niya babawiin. Kapag sa ulam naman, binibigyan pa rin niya ko kahit asar na asar na siya sa katakawan ko. Whenever he's happy about something, he'll always call me. We talk behind our mother's back. Haha! We share secrets, mostly puro kalokohan. When I punch him hard, he'll push me and I'll cry as if it hurts more than me hitting him. But despite all of these, we're not really close. He doesn't even call me 'Ate.' He calls me 'Head' because of my forehead. -____-

I don't know much about my brother. He doesn't talk about his personal life, heck, I think he doesn't even have friends. Kapag nagpupunta kami ni Mama sa school niya, he's always surrounded by the boys in his class, and he radiates a 'Boss aura.' He has this strong commanding aura. And no matter how much I hate to admit it, he's popular with girls! Yes, without exaggerating, he's really popular with girls. As in `yong mga babae pa ang 'nanliligaw' sa kanya. That brat... sheesh. But he's snobbish. He wouldn't even turn his head when you call him.

When we were in high school, pinilit ng parents namin na pagsabayin kami ng uwi para raw tipid sa pamasahe dahil sabay naman ang oras namin ng uwi. But that brat, mapakuwento lang ako sandali sa mga kaibigan ko, iiwan na ko! But whenever we go home together, he always pays for our fare. :) Yep, I remember one time, nagkasabay kami ng gala sa mall, pauwi na ko no'n pero siya hindi pa. Pero pinilit ko pa rin siyang pauwiin para siya magbayad ng pamasahe namin. Taz one time din sa mall, wala na kaming pera ng friend ko, eh gusto naming bilhin ung isang DVD, I saw my brother then I forced him to buy the DVD for me. Oo, mas mayaman sa'kin ang kapatid ko! Haha!

But what I admire most about my brother is his aloofness.

I always wonder kung paano niya nakakayang walang kaibigan. He draws people to him effortlessly, yet he seems not to care about that. Nainggit ako sa pagiging detached niya dahil at least, hindi siya nasasaktan kapag may nawala siyang kaibigan, or minamahal.

Gusto ko ring maging detached minsan sa mga tao para hindi gaanong masakit kapag may nang-iwan sa'kin. `Pag ako kasi naging close sa isang tao, I would want her/him to stay in my life forever. Which is impossible. Because whether we like it or not, people walk in and walk out in our lives. Kapag may dumating na bago sa buhay ko, mamahalin ko sila. Kaya kapag umalis sila, masasaktan uli ako. Ke kaibigan `yan o love life, it has the same effect, parehong masakit.

Sinusubukan kong maging indifferent o detached sa isang tao, but I can't help it. I would always end up selfishly hoping that he/she would let me be a part of hi/her life, the way he/she is a part of mine. I would also end up selfishly hoping that he/she would treasure me the way I treasure him/her. And it hurts to know that sometimes, the people I hold dearly don't feel the same way.

Argh. Another long, dramatic post. But I guess more than half of this one was dedicated to my younger brother. I don't have a brother complex, okay? Haha!

Anyway, here are pictures of my younger brother:


-Chrissa Anne B. Palma


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