Friday, April 5, 2013


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It was totally unexpected.

At first, I was really pressured about writing the last book (of my mini-series) because it was the LAST. Siyempre, huli na `yon kaya dapat lang na higit siya sa naunang mga libro. I was too afraid to write it, lalo na't parehong komplikado ang character ng hero at heroine. They are both strong, both arrogant and both COLD. Yep, they are bother COLD! How do you expect them to have sweet moments when they are both cynical and sarcastic about love? It took one damned month to finish their story. And though I wasn't satisfied with the outcome, I still sent it to my editor with my eyes closed. I somehow knew it wouldn't be approved right away. I even texted my editor asking her politely to send me a message once the feedback was sent to my e-mail. I knew I had to revise it, because I myself wasn't satisfied with the ending. A week later, the feedback was sent to my email. I wasn't surprised. I knew I had to revise it.

Though expected, I still found it irritating to rewrite the last book. Honestly, I wanted to get it done and over with. I had been working on it for 8 looong months. Whil rewriting, I say rewriting and not revising because I redid the whole story, all I wanted is to get it done because I wanted to write another story. To be honest, I started to get impatient. I didn't have enough sleep for 3 days just to finish the book.

Surprisingly, while I was writing the book's epilogue, my tears started to fall. That was when I fully realized that my mini-series was really over. As in over. I thought I wanted it to end, but my tears said otherwise. * months. I've had multiple personalities in 8 months because I put myself in my characters' shoe for each story. It had been a long journy. It wasn't easy. But it was fun. Then I realized I'm gonna miss them - yes, the characters I created in this mini-series. I love them, so much it made me cry knowing that the moment I write the word "wakas", it would take a while before I get the chance to "visit" them.

It's finally over. I should feel happy. I am, but I feel more sad. I love my babies, and I'm gonna miss them.

-Luna King


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