Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pocra... Prosca... Procra... Pork

Posted by 23caris at 8:51 AM
Procrastinate --- isang salitang hirap na hirap ako bigkasin, pero paborito ko namang gawin. For our major subjects (News and Sports Writing) we were assigned to read one news article and one sports news per day, and make a summary out of them. So, we are required to read broadsheets everyday. But since tamad ako, ginagawa kong marathon ang pagsusulat ng news and sports article every SUNDAY NIGHT, and I am supposed to pass those articles the next day. But... I enjoy it. I enjoy looking for news on the net, scanning them, and analyzing them. Like I said in my post before, sa tuwing ginagawa ko `yon, masyado akong na-a-absorb. Tama na nga. Mahirap i-justify ang pagiging tamad. Haha. -JournalistEverySundayNight-


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