Sunday, January 27, 2013

Damned Moments

Posted by 23caris at 5:46 PM
This is probably one of those damned moments when you did something so stupid you want to blame other people but the annoying thing is, you can blame no one but your stupid self. I'm so frustrated I want to scream, to be mad all day. I don't give a damn about anything at the moment. Friends, midterms, classes, the hell with them! I just want to be left one and be eaten by this nagging feeling I know I brought upon myself. I hate this. I really hate regretting something that I should have done, but because I didn't try hard enough, here I am. Dwelling in this fucking feeling of being just... just... plain stupid.

I know I'm going to regret writing this post later. I just hope my mood gets better. Or else... ah, fuck. I want this day to end. I just hope I don't mess up and verge my frustrations towards other people, much more my friends.

-Damn Me


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