Thursday, October 11, 2012

LK's Dilemma

Posted by 23caris at 10:09 AM
Hmm... Third person's voice para cute. :3

LK's novels were supposed to be stand-alone novels. Because LK thinks her side characters were boring, and they were always introduced in the most common way. Therefore, whenever her editors asked her to do sequels, she would panic, big time.

LK thinks her novels focused on the main characters only. The conversation with the side characters were very minimal, and boring, too. So it was hard for her to do sequels. The first time she was asked by her editor to do a sequel, she finished the story for more than two weeks. So she was surprised when the feedback was minor version, as in minor - she only had to change one or two lines from the story. She was happy of course, but soon, she had forgotten about that.

Then, months after LK's first novel was released, there were some people who looked for the sequel. She got pressured, big time. So when the story was released, she was damn disappointed in herself. Because she thought the first story was still better, and the sequel wasn't as interesting as the first one was.

And now, LK was going through that dilemma again. -_______-"


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