Friday, July 5, 2013


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Melvin is a close male friend of mine. :)

Actually, Melvin is my best friend's guy best friend. I'm sometimes jealous of him because he seems closer to my BF than I am with her.

But since they look so goood together, I let it pass. The three of us (Melvin, our bestfriend and I) watched a movie one time. And, frankly speaking, I was so out of place! Haha! They kept on talking about things I couldn't relate to. Thank God for my earphones!

Anyway, Melvin and our best friend gave me maraming-maraming kilig. I believe that they will end up together someday, but they just laughed it off! So, to satisfy my imagination, I just made a story out of their super cute friendship!

Luna Ville Book 5
Marry My Best Friend
Melvin Wu (his real name)
Kelvin Chen (yes! he is Kelvin)

Here's our picture together:
Melvin and I. This was taken in the movie house after we watched Breaking Dawn 2.


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