Friday, July 5, 2013


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Roeffy is my favorite Hibari Kyoya cosplayer.

I can't remember the name of the event, but it was held at MOA where Kaname was the guest/judge of the competition.

Kyoya Hibari is my all-time favorite anime character. I was looking for Hibari cosers then. I found some but... well, I didn't like them. Until this certain boy passed by. I was surprised because of all the Hibari cosers there, he was the best! I grabbed his arm and said, "Kuya! Pa-picture tayo!"

Oh well. I'll make this short. I was broken-hearted when I found out I was four years ahead of him. I know it isn't a huge gap, but still... he's too young for me.

My Knight In A Cosplay (unpublished/Dream Love)

Here's our picture together:
Roeffy and I. Cosplay event.


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