Wednesday, July 10, 2013

On Menstrual Cramps and Melodrama Genre

Posted by 23caris at 7:39 PM
I both hate and love menstrual cramps. I hate having it because it freakin' hurt. But I love having it because that way, I'm forced to stop sleeping off half of my day. LOL. I'd rather face my laptop and immerse myself in writing so I would forget about my cramps.

Anyway, I think I've mentioned before that I am a frustrated rom-com writer. I really, really envy those who could make people laugh with their creative narration and their characters' witty lines. I'm a boring person in real life, so I'm unable to put any wit or humor in my works. Pitiful me. Huhu. Why am I such a boring and plain individual? Haha, kidding.

For my latest released novels - specifically Miss Ugly Duckling Chases Mr. Bangko, Marry My Best Friend and A Rocker May Get Tongue-tied -  it is arguable that they fall in the "melodrama" genre. I received comments like, "naiyak po talaga ako ng hard" or "nakakaiyak po sina Riley at Crayon."

Well, it makes me happy knowing that they felt the pain I felt while I was writing those stories. It also makes me think that I'm kinda "effective" making the readers shed a tear or two. I always tell myself, "sa susunod, rom-com na talga." Ironically, I once again fall in the melodrama category. Why do I have gloomy ideas? Am I that gloomy? LOL again.

I really wanted a change of genre. My readers are probably so used of my feel-good and melodrama books. I wanted to surprise them. I even wrote one sexy and mature story, only to get a heartbreaking comment from my editor: "masyado siyang wholesome." After hearing that, I forget everything about sizzling love scenes. LOL AGAIN.

And now, surprise, surprise! I'm writing three sad stories of three sisters. These are probably the heaviest plots I came up with. I just don't know if I can pull it off.

Oh, melodrama. Do you love me that much? LOL.

Anyway, I love you, too. Pero puwede naman sina rom-com at sexy-rom-com, `di ba? LOL talaga.


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